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What happens to the notion ’me here right now’ when place and ultimately time become multiple; when ’me here right now’ becomes ‘you me, here there, now then’ what is the nature of being present or absent in the right  moment or place; what happens to spontaneity and interaction. What is the nature of seeing and hearing; of making signs and gesture; of negotiating space & time; of making sense of the other; when multiple bodies, place, time and geography converge into the single instance of live performance.


This series of projects address questions of difference and relation to the other. From Cape Town to Helsinki, Hong Kong to El Paso our post-global world seems ever increasingly polarised along social, cultural, ethnic, racial, religious and ideologic differences. Yet our diversities are our greatest strength. The things we have in common may bring us together, but what makes us better, greater, ultimately resilient as humans, are the differences we share between us.


Contemplating the repercussions of covid-19 pandemic on theatrical presentation the project conceptualises dispositive for live performance; interrogating what it means to be in a particular place at a particular moment through inter-disciplinary artistic collaboration  integrating live performance and digital creation.


Both the process and performances of the work take place online. The artists working from remote locations exchange data and media stream with each other and use it to generate interactive audio-visual content that is streamed to online audiences who can make choices as to how they engage and interactively participate in the performances in real-time.


Hybrid iterations of the project integrate online network performance with multiple variants of on-site presentation context ranging from theatrical space to non-conventional and public spaces including site specific installation, architectural projection…


Through a program of online workshops, laboratories and performances bringing together artists (dancers, musicians, creative technologists) from Kenya, the UK, Finland, Germany and France as well as global audiences the project will create space for encounter, interaction and exchange, for contemplation and critical reflection, for creative expression and celebration of difference.