conceptual sketch

interaction dispositif

The project consists of an immersive and interactive audio-visual-spatial dispositif in triple configuration:

  • an autonomous self-generating dispositif (sound, image/video, text)
  • an audience/public interaction dispositif (sound, image/video, text, public)
  • a performance dispositif with dancers and the public (sound, image/video, text, public, dancers)


The dispositif consists of:

  • video projection system (projectors, projection surfaces/screens, media server, cameras, computer)
  • interaction system (motion & sound capture, raspberry pie units)
  • sound system with multiple channel diffusion, public seating benches
  • the projection surfaces function as scenography
  • lighting system
  • performance/audience space
  • optimum space (300 - 500 m2) for about 100 persons


The work will be conceived to function both as an autonomous installation and live performance. Both installation and live performance configurations allow for public interaction & participation. The installation will remain active throughout the period of its installation at a venue.


Live performance options will include regular 60min presentation as well as durational presentation in the form of multiple short presentations (10 to 20mins each) during a given number of days. Number of performers can range from 3 to 12. The scale of the project (number of performers, technicians etc) on tour may be variable, within set limits, depending on specificities & context of the proposition agreed on.

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