opiyo okach

what flag


'What Flag' is part of the choreographic project 'Territories in Transgression' conceived by Opiyo Okach.

flag design : Noor Jefwa


lab participants:

Adam Chienjo, Jackson Atuloh, Sarah Kwala, Neema Bagamuhinda, Juliet Omolo, John Ulawi, Ester Wambui, Hamisi Mzee, John Otieno


in the 21st century individual and collective identities have become multiple, overlapping & generating new hybrids and differences, convergences and radicalisations. We are constantly crossing cultural, religious, ethnic, geographic, temporal frontiers – transgressing and being transgressed by multiple experience. The ways by which we identify ourselves and by which others perceive us have become multiple.


opiyo okach/may 2012


photo james mweu


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