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body evidence


opiyo okach

Multi-Scheme Video Player

conception & interpretation l opiyo okach

I do the twist and shake, and hire to the highest bidder

I don colorful raffia for your independence and parade before VIPs and foreign dignitaries

I don veils of your faith, wear gowns of your justice, I self-destruct for the holiest bidder

I live reality tv, decorate the pages of fashion magazine and populate the streets of music video


In today's global connectedness multiple time, cultural and geographic spaces converge. At the peripheries of dominant 'civilization' the body inhabits and is inhabited by multiple sensibilities producing new heterogeneities and multiple states of identification.


Negotiating and transgressing geographic, cultural and temporal frontiers is the body sincere, genuine and trustworthy; is it real and concrete or is it source origin, transit point and final destination of ideologic and religious propaganda, political and economic domination, marketing and commercial advertising strategy in local interaction and global connections; does it hold profound moral and spiritual integrity or is it imitative camouflage; counterfeit and ultimately deceptive as evidence of authenticity.


Perpetual site of engagement in social processes the body in the 21 century continues to defy static notions of authenticity, adopting new posture, displacing and dissimulating frontiers of ethnic, geographic and temporal identification.


sound  l  mickaël grebil, opiyo okach

nyatiti & adung  l  ulawi rapasa

indian flute  l  kirit pattni

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