Spatial/Performance dispositif dance and digital creation

 Through an interactive dispositif consisting of live performance and immersive scenographic installation the project puts into play differences of colour, race, geography, ethnicity, ideology, religion, culture, language, class. Our bodies (in motion or immobile) generate physical data that is unique to each of us. A sort of physical/corporeal signature that differentiates us from each other and defines us as individuals. A corporeal identity.


Using sensors & cameras the dispositif captures image & motion data of individuals in space. The captured data is used to trigger interaction and generate immersive visuals that are projected on the scenography. Where multiple individuals are involved the data is used to construct shared/collective differences.


The dispositif will also allow for the public to text messages and images that are integrated into the scenography; to play (manipulate, negotiate, escalate, reconcile, reject…) with difference and participate in generating collective text/poem & visuals.


Thus using body, text/language, sound and visual image the dispositif will function as a physical/spatial metaphor that puts into play the notion of difference.

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