The team (in process)

For this project I’m working with artistic collaborators and performers of varied backgrounds in coding, embodying, textualising, negotiating and performing difference. The performers come from divers backgrounds and origins (Africa, Europe, Asia…)

Artistic collaborators


Yann Leguay - sound design (France/Belgium)

David Ritterhaus - media artist (Germany)

Melisa Allela - creative coding (Kenya)

J-C Lanquetin - scenography (France)

Writer/dramaturge - to be identified





I-Fen Lin - Taiwan/Germany

Idio Chichava - Mozambique/France

Ouma Onyango - Kenya

Jack Bryton - Kenya

Opiyo Okach - Kenya/France

1 female dancer - France



Lab Participants


Sara Kwala

Waigwe wa Mwangi

Ouma Onyango

Adam Chienjo

Jack Bryton

Jack Atulo

Rapasa Otieno

Douglace Saidi

Charles Stephen

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