the house that never walked

choreography Opiyo Okach

deutsches theatre gottingen > 02 november

tempel kulturzentrum, karlsruhe  > 06 november

'Home' the variable architecture of multiple and evolutive relationships of the individual/collective and environment/territory.


…’place of residence, country of origin, place of birth, country of citizenship, continent of origin, city of attachment, country of adoption, place of exile, colonial motherland, place of burial, spiritual motherland, place of work, mother nation, ancestral origin, online social network, favourite neighbourhood, football team, local church, political party…


Interacting in space the performers generate cumulative geo-location data, crossing ‘biographies of home, of lived experience’, putting into question notions of permanence and fixed belonging.


'The house that never walked' was conceived as part of the project HOME at Steptext Dance Project.


Cast: Blenard Azizaj, I-Fen Lin, Ibramhima Biaye, Ida Faho, Kossi Sébastien Aholou-Wokawui, Kokou Gbakenou, Robert Bell, Serge Nepke, Virginia Gimeno Folgado

Sound: Michaël Grébil

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