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artistique direction Opiyo Okach

Gàara Dance Foundation


> annual encounters, exchange
Nairobi choreographic encounters

29 july/10 august 2005
Nairobi (Kenya)


> artists residencies in Nairobi
- Local bursaries for choreographers
- International Unesco Aschberg
Lauréats since 2001

> a place for art

Godown Art Centre Dunga road / Industrial area Nairobi

New creations

Shift centre series 1
Nairobi Choreographic Encounters août 2005
Shift centre series 2 Francophonies en Limousin sept 2005 Shift centre series 3 CCN Caen et Orléans - France déc 05
Tours 2006
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Shift...Centre series 8
> le 4 & 5 juillet 2008
Neues Theater - Halle, Allemagne

Site-Specific Performance
Galerie Talstrabe - Halle, Allemagne
> le 1ér juillet 2008
Wörlitz - Halle, Allemagne
> le 28 juin 2008

No man's gone now
> le 1ér décembre 2007
Paris - Maison des Arts de Créteil

Take it away - le sujet à Vif
chorégraphie Opiyo Okach
interprète Andrea Ouamba

> le 8 décembre 2007
Trident, Scène Nationale de Cherbourg
> le 6 décembre 2007
Centre Chorégraphique de Caen


Fortaleza-Belo Horizonte-Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo
> le 25 Octobre - 15 Novembre 2007
No man's gone now
Bienal internacional de dança do ceara
Forum internacional de dança
Bienal SESC de dança
Shift...Centre series 7
Panorama de dança

Project, photos...

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Interview with Opiyo Okach interview in video
The danger that comes back today is that the centre should be situated in one place, a place from where truth is determined, from where right and wrong are proscribed.
Shift center is not just an esthetic statement about space but is also a statement about political and social realty. The centre of the world is not just in one place. In Africa, we live with the tradition in one side and with islam, christianity, MTV…. And it’s not an extraordinary thing to speak four different langages and to live four different cultures in the everyday reality. It makes natural that reality is multifaceted, that the thruth depend on where you are standing... next

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