choreographic draft process

daily journal 17 - 29 september

Project Report Chrysalides Nairobi in September 2012

Sophiatou Kossoko: Process Notes

1st week - from Wednesday 19 to Saturday, September 22 - from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 17:00 - work schedule divided into three parts.

Wednesday 19th September

  1. Physical preparation only 30 minutes, it seemed necessary to take an observation period to assess the level of the group and their mode of operation.
  2. Workshop / exploration; awakening the senses, work on support, guide and be guided, both in couples and alone. Taking time to exchange after each exercise to familiarize the participants with the exchange in relation to feelings. What does my partner sense from my reactions.
  3. Reading of the project Chrysalides in French a English, beginning of presentation of ideas/projects
  4. presentation of ideas/projects, choice of performers

Nadège and Jean-Luc do not have projects, Catherine and Jack decided after a time of reflection on Friday.

Note: It seems to me that some of the participants do not distinguish between the idea and the project. They do not take the time to research and are not curious enough to interrogate their ideas towards the elaboration of projects. Some do not know what they want to address to the audience/an audience, there is confusion between having an idea and imagining we have an idea ... for others, there is already an implementation of an embryonic choreographic work but the processes are confused.

Thursday 20th September
  1. Physical Preparation only 30 minutes.
  2. Workshop / exploration: awakening the senses, supports, axis, anchor, displacement of centre, in groups, couples, singles.
  3. Presentation of projects / ideas and choice of performers…
Friday 21st September
  1. ditto
  2. Walking, running, speed, endurance, movement and circulation around self and of self. Introduction of vocal work from breathing, song, chant.
  3. projects
  4. Presentation materials projects / ideas.
Saturday 22nd September
  1. Ditto
  2. Atelier/exploration; dancing in mirror and transformation in space in relation to the proposed forms, close together, dispersed, micro-motion or ample movement.
  3. projects
  4. Presentation project material / ideas.

It seemed necessary to create two groups in which participants were sometimes performers sometimes choreographers in order that the multiplicity of skills and elaboration of ideas for projects and their development be the focus of exchange and reflection. Conditions not being conducive - studio not available, participant arriving one after the other, I tried to set up a functioning that would be beneficial to all in the understanding of my proposals and theirs. The ideas not being clear the propositions served as 'basis of reflection' questioning; to whom are the participants addressing themselves today? What are their real desires regarding their practice / mode of expression, what do they expect? What does it mean to dance? Play for them? What sense has the movement? To be in representation, what does that evoke for them? How do they treat their ideas?

2nd week from Wednesday 24 to Friday, September 28th - from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 - work schedule divided into four parts;

Monday 24th September
  1. Ditto
  2. Workshop / exploration: floor work, improvisation-weight transfer, whole group.
  3. Group A projects
  4. Group B projects + presentations of group A
Tuesday 25th September
  1. 1 - ditto
  2. 2 - Workshop / exploration with the presence of a musician (drummer), diagonal movement danced in displacement, high low relationships, amplitude of movement, rupture, transformation of movement by repetition, dissociation in spatial mobility, notion of listening in immobility.
  3. 3 - Group B projects
  4. 4- Group B projects + Group A presentations
Wednesday 26th September
  1. ditto
  2. Workshop / exploration: improvisation in triangle; relay of movement, development, transformation or rupture of movement.
  3. Group A projects
  4. Group B projects + group A presentations.
Thursday 27th September
  1. 1 - Same
  2. 2 - Workshop / exploration; improvisation in triangle inspired by the ideas of the participants with the concepts of a beginning, a development and an end.
  3. 3 - Group B projects
  4. 4 – Group A projects + group B presentations.
Friday 28th September
  1. ditto
  2. Workshop / exploration; floor work, improvisation-weight transfer - whole group - with change of direction, the notion of rhythm, group decision-making within the group, support the decisions of others, clarity, the inconveniences and benefits of proximity.
  3. Group A projects.
  4. Group B projects + Group A presentations.

Workshops this week have been directly related to the problems encountered during the presentations of materials related to projects / ideas.

For the second week feedback was done the day after at the end of the morning workshops to see what was retained of work seen the previous day. The redundant modes of fabrication were the choreographic writing and composition, often linear and frontal, the use of the stage space was hardly reflected and audience address not integrated, the process was often led in groups, participants had difficulty taking in charge their projects and defend their points of view.

Participant Ideas / Projects
Adam: solo
"I am reading from a piece of paper with nothing written on"

Rediscover poetry, working on a poem that he started but did not complete, the choice is to start the process from phrase.

Romual: (Solo)
'Separation dans le monde de separation'

working on a poem based on an improvisation he put it on the net following which he received the response of a French author who offered him a text. He then translated the text in his native language and began to compose an alphabet; the process of this project is under way since 2011.

Adjaratou and Hawa
Destine Violé "4" (duet)

Work on the idea of fate, incidents and accidents that happen to us, they ask the question of how to proceed when one has lost a loved one... they have both experienced the same loss at the same time...

Alacoque: Coin-value

Exploration about money and its value, idea of exchange, from food to money.

Neema: (Duo, trio, or more)

Wants to work on the mask - what we show of ourselves in relation to what we are

Patrick Haradjabu: 'Trace du desire'

His idea is desire or more accurately traces of desire (trio with a musician)

Guedoum: Bissan « l'influence du Totem dans nos vies »

The totem, the tree, "Bissan" (trio)

Sarah: Behind the scene! (Solo)

The black veil, the place of women in Mungiki - Kenyan ethnic cult group. The fact they are not visible and remain behind men; their power of decision-making is limited to daily chores and taking care of children

John: Sound (solo)

Working on his, or more exactly, the influence of sound on the body, according to the different origins and nature of the sounds.

Jared: 'Monitor'

An image, a movement sequence, press headlines, the power of the media over people

Jackson: "The place of worship"

The concept of worship in relation to religion and disco....

Catherine Nakowesa: "The seduction of innocence"

From innocence to corruption

Dadi: "The voice inside and the voice inside outside my body"

The inner voice and the voice outside.

Jack: memories